Our LC column packing agent is spherical type silica particle which is utilized our accumulated particle size and pore property control for 60 years. Available mean particle size range is 1.6 to 200 μm and they have narrow particle size distribution.
So, it is able to lower the back pressure and high separation capacity. And the mean pore diameter control range is 4 to 200nm. The pore size distribution is also narrow. Custom orders are possible to combine the particle size and the pore diameter. Our products lead your LC column to high-performance stage.

For analytical column: EP-DF grade (Mean particle size: 1.6 – 5μm)

EP-DF grade has well controlled particle size between 1.6 to 5μm. And this grade is high purity silica based particle for analytical use. This grade has high sphericity so the column back pressure lowers and the analytical performance is increased. EP-DF grade is good for HPLC and UHPLC column. The pore property is well controlled small particle size to large particle size. So, it is useful for examination of scale up to plant size column.

For preparative chromatography column: EP-DM grade (Mean particle size: 7-50μm)

EP-DM grade has high sphericity, mechanical strength and purity. The mean particle size range is 7 to 50μm. This grade is good for preparative and purification use. The column performance will be increased; you get low back pressure, good separation and long stability. The high strength shows well suitability for DAC column system.

For large scale flash chromatography column: D grade (Mean particle size: 50-200μm)

D grade is made for large-consumption scale column which is used for industry filed for example purification for intermediate of medicine, food for specified health use materials, and so on. This grade is also spherical type so the back pressure is lower than irregular type and the facilitate performance is increased. The packing operation will be easier. And the long endurance effects to cost reducing.

Wide pore size products

This product is suite for large molecular size analysis and purification like biopolymer, glycoprotein and so on. It is possible to add wide pore process to our most of all products for LC column packing agent. This product is also use for chiral separation column products, bio sensor, bio reactor, and enzyme or DNA carrier and so on. This is now focused on as many bio chemical applications.

Chemical Modified

All M.S.GEL are available with bonded functional group such as C18, C8 and ion exchange for reversed phase chromatography and other specific chromatography.

M.S.GEL Product Lineup

Grade Application SiO2 Mean Particle Size Mean Pore Size
EP-DF Grade Analytical and semi-preparative HPLC 99.99% 1.6µm~5µm 6nm~100nm
EP-DM Grade Preparative Chromatography 99.99% 7µm~50µm 6nm~100nm
D Grade Flash Chromatography 99.9% 50µm~300µm 4nm~100nm