• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, AGC SI-Tech.Co.,Ltd. recognize that it's the most important matter for us to respect our customers' privacy and protect their personal information. We observe the law about protecting personal information and we also take great care of dealing with personal information. In doing so we make every effort to establish reliable relations with our customers and meet their expectations.

1. Each customer's personal information must be dealt with upholding dignity and keeping faith. We deal with personal information justly and take responsibility for establishing the reliability.

2. The personal information can be used in principle only for the purpose of offering our products, services, the related information and reforming. We notify in advance in case of using the personal information for another purposes and asking for the personal information.

3. The personal information the customers have offered us will never be opened to any other third party except following matters.

  • To our outsourcing companies only for providing our products, services and the related information.
  • Requests by an administrative office and a judicial office under the law.
  • When the customer's consent is obtained by providing in the law.
  • 4. We will pay safe rationally to protect the personal information from such as missing, outflow, falsification and illegal processing through network.

    5. We immediately correspond to the customers' requests about their personal information such as verification, modification, correction and deletion.