SUNLOVELY consists of new functional fine particles that are microscopic secondary particles formed
by ultra-thin (scaly) silicon dioxide (SiO2) fine particles (primary particles) overlapping
in parallel or tertiary particles formed by three-way cohesion of the secondary particles.
SUNLOVELY is available in two version: a powder and a slurry dispersed in water. You can select optimum properties for your purpose.

SUNLOVELY Product Lineup

Powder type
White powder SiO2, tertiary particles
SUNLOVELY For Industrial

(Reference data)

Mean particle size µm 4-6
SiO2 purity >98.0
Loss on drying ≦3
Oil absorption capacity mL/100g 80 - 110

Slurry type products
SUNLOVELY LFS For Industrial

(Reference data)

HN-050 HN-150
Mean particle size μm 0.5 1.5
SiO2 concentration 15 16
pH - 7

SUNLOVELY - Applications

Binder for ceramics and inorganic coating material
Humidity control, absorption and deodorization binder
Supported film filler of photo catalyst or functional fine particles
Resin hybrid filler material
Gas barrier filler for corrosion prevention
Hydrophilic filler for antifoulant

Characteristic of SUNLOVELY series

Powder and Slurry type,characteristics in common

SiO2 purity is exceeds 98% and it is a chemically stable substance
Primary particle is less than 0.1µ m thickness non-porous particle which has scaly shape and high transparency
Large surface area (50 to 300m2/g) and the pore volume (0.1 – 0.7 cc/g)
On the surface / particles interphase, there are high density silanol groups (about 30 µ mol/m2)
SUNLOVELY has quality support capacity of superfine particle or drugs, ion exchange capacity, and adsorptive capacity

Slurry type
LFS-type has unique self layer assembly function
By blending with organic coating materials, it provides a barrier effect, strength, hydrophilic, heat resistance, fire retardancy.