PE polymer

SUNSPERA was launched several years ago for PO catalysts support generated with our technologies of silica gel.
Silica gel used as a catalyst support in the manufacture of PE & PP plays a more important role than simply that of a carrier for a catalyst compound.
SUNSPERA offers superior morphology compared to competitive products, thanks to its perfectly spherical shape.
The finished polymer resin has a higher bulk density due to the uniformity of the silica gel particles inside.

SUNSPERA Product Lineup

The properties of silica gel significantly effects the polymerization process and the properties of finished polymer.
Available wide variety of particle size 3-70µm, specific surface area 250~700m2/g, and pore volume 0.7~2.3mL/g.
Mean Particle Size Surface area Pore volume Mean pore size
μm ㎡/g ml/g nm
H-302 30 700 1.6 10
M-302 30 500 1.8 15
L-303 30 300 2 25
D-70-120A(LV) 70 450 1.6 15

SUNSPERA Application

Catalyst support for Phillips catalysts.
Catalyst support for Metallocene catalysts.

Characteristic of SUNSPERA

SUNSPERA is precisely designed pore structure, spherical shapes, and paricle size distribution.
SUNSPERA offers improve morphology finished polymer resins and productivity.