• Technical Information



[Particle surface observation by Scanning Electron Microscope]



[Particle strength]

Grade NP-30 H-51 H-52 H-53
Pore volume (mL/g) 0.02 0.8 1.6 2.0
Compression strength (MPa) 1900 40 4 3


[Oil absorption and Particle diameter]

[Moisture retention capability test]

Moisture absorption is effected by specific surface area and pore volume.


[Texture feeling test]

Test method
Applied 0.5mg/cm test powder to artificial leather Supplare (made by Idemitsu Techno Fine),
and evaluated texture by KES-SE friction tester (made by Kato tech and sensor: artifical leather Supplare, load 25g).


[Soft focusing effect]

Test method
Applied SUNSPHERE samples to the surface of Supplare . Then monitored with a digital micro scope (x 25)

SUNSPHERE prevents oily skin and covers up wrinkle.
Optical diffusion which is one characteristic of SUNSPHERE gives these effects.
These effects are proportional to particle size and pore volume.