Integrated Management System Policy

We at AGC Si-Tech Co., Ltd. pledge the following:

  1. Ensure that everyone working at our company shares and practices the policy that safety and health are our top priority
  2. Identify risks and take actions to improve safety and prevent accidents
  3. Comply with applicable laws and regulations, and conduct corporate activities for coexisting with society
  4. Meet the needs of stakeholders (customers, government, regions, etc.)
  5. Encourage everyone working at our company to participate in safety and health activities and foster a culture of safety in our organization
  6. Strive to preserve the global environment with environmentally friendly solutions
  7. Hone our technologies valued by customers, and provide quality trustworthy and pleasing to customers, as well as products and services that impress them
  8. Integrate our business administration with management system and implement continuous improvement
  9. Respect human rights, contribute to the development of a sustainable society, and aim for the perpetuation of our company through profitable growth
  10. Enhance internal communication and work on the continuous enhancement of employee capabilities

President & CEO Takanori Furukawa