Since our founding in 1948, we have provided customers with a variety of fine silica products, starting with sodium silicate.

In 2007, the company was renamed AGC Si-Tech to express our commitment to providing even better value through the unending pursuit of silica technology.

Silica exhibits behavior similar to the polymers within sodium silicate, a manufacturing material, thus its physical properties, including surface area and pore volume, can be altered to a great extent.
This makes silica unique, as virtually no other inorganic material exhibits such qualities.

Our development efforts have focused on maximizing the many strengths of silica as well as its environmentally friendly nature and led to many functional materials based on silica, including the microscopic spherical materials M.S.GEL and SUNSPHERE. M.S.GEL is used in various refining applications due to its highly tuned pore structure, while SUNSPHERE, characterized by its high sphericity and unique surface properties, is also used in a broad range of applications, including cosmetics. SUNLOVELY, made from ultra-thin sheet silica, represents the world’s first commercialization of this kind of silica, and we believe its unique shape presents the potential for new solutions in the future.

Through the active exploration of the properties of fine silica, we will pursue material design at the ultrafine level and provide even higher value to customers in areas essential to daily life, including health, comfort, and beauty.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Takanori Furukawa, President & CEO