Silica is used as a packing material for columns, the stationary phase of chromatography, which is a method for separating and refining substances.
Chromatography is used in pharmaceutical refinement and component analysis at analysis institutes and in R&D. AGC Si-Tech has provided a stable supply of silica as a packing material for chromatography worldwide since 1985, contributing to the development of pharmaceutical and analytical technologies.

Column packing material for analysis

Columns for analysis require analytical precision and reproducibility. Using M.S.GEL (for which properties like particle diameter and pore diameter are precisely controlled) as a base material produces high separation performance and reproducibility.

Column packing material for isolation

Chromatography is an important process used to remove impurities in various applications, including pharmaceuticals. Packing materials require not only high quality but stable supply. M.S.GEL has been used safely and reliably by chromatology users around the world for around 40 years.

Target product: M.S.GEL

*The catalog does not include all of our many varieties of silica for analysis and isolation.
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