Functional paints/adhesives

Functions as an extender pigment The silica itself is highly transparent, so when acting as an extender it has the advantage of not affecting the color.
It can provide the main properties of inorganic pigments and effects such as strengthening and flame retardancy.

Provides rust resistance

Through improved leveling, water infiltration is prevented, resulting in rust resistance.

Provides hydrophilic properties

Silanol groups exist in large quantities, so silica’s use as a coating allows hydrophilic properties to be obtained, which can be expected to provide anti-fouling effects.

Flame retardancy, heat resistance

Through compounding heat-resistant silica, heat resistance and flame retardancy are conferred to the resin itself.

Added strength

The silica is extremely hard and has a sheet structure, so compounding it increases adhesive strength.

Recommended Product: SUNLOVELY Series