SUNLOVELY is a scaly silica, which is relatively rare for this type of material.
Our lineup includes powders with petal-shaped particles and slurry products with differing granularities; we make proposals based on the customer requirements and the intended application.

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Sheet-shaped particles that are self-formed with high aspect ratios have a wide range of functions. The product has flame retardancy and weather resistance typical of inorganic materials. Its hydrophilic properties create gas barrier properties, added strength, and anti-fouling effects.


Paints Matting, increased coating strength, improved texture, flame retardancy/heat resistance
Coating materials Anti-rust, anti-clouding, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion
Films Anti-blocking, gas barrier
As an inorganic filler Added strength, added friction resistance, added heat/flame resistance, light scattering
Adhesives Added adhesive strength, thickening, low expansion


Matting (paints)

Silica is used in matting applications like cosmetics, and it also exhibits the same properties in paints.
Strong matte effects can be obtained by adding silica at a solid content ratio of around 1%.
It is also used as a highly versatile inorganic filler in order to increase resin’s inherent stickiness.

Added flame retardancy (paints, films)

Inorganic silica is heat tolerant and does not easily burn.
When used as a filler in resins, etc., the inorganic sheet structure reduces combustion and prevents fires from spreading.
Forming a sheet structure through self-formation generates gas barrier properties and forms a structure even more resistant to burning.

Provides anti-blocking properties (films)

Compounding silica helps keep films from sticking to each other.
Its high transparency makes it very easy to use when used as a filler or coating material, as it does not interfere with the color.

Anti-rust effects (paints)

Improved leveling prevents water penetration and supplements the anti-rust function.
Silica has been considered as an alternative to chrome under normal specifications.

Added strength (paints/coating materials)

Silica is also often used to add strength.
In addition to heel scuff marks, demand for carry-on cases such as suitcases has also led to needs for increased coating strength.
In response to growing numbers of cases where marks are left on wall materials, etc., SUNLOVELY is utilized to provide an appropriate level of strength.

Product Lineup

SUNLOVELY (powder)

Third-order aggregate of scaly particles Petal-shaped particles enable direct kneading of resins and other materials.

Loss on drying 3% or less
Ignition loss 7% or less
Purity (SiO2) 98% or more
Average particle diameter 4.0–6.0 μm
pH 6–8

SUNLOVELY LFS (water slurry)

Dispersion of scaly silica Solvents can be mixed into water-based resins with a water medium.

Product name Solid content concentration
Average particle diameter
PN-050 12.0–14.0 0.40–0.70 6.0–8.0
PN-020 9.5–11.0 0.15–0.22 5.5–7.5



  • 20-kg carboard box
  • 1-kg plastic bottle


  • 18-kg drum
  • 1-kg plastic bottle