Porous silica offers high adsorption performance thanks to its high specific surface area and pore structure, and as a representative desiccant it has long been used as an adsorbent.
In addition, various applications have been discovered by adjusting the surface based on the substance targeted for adsorption.

Need to remove a substance?

Removes odors and traps hazardous substances
For example, in cosmetics, it is widely used in cleansers, antiperspirants, and other applications.

As a measure against sick building syndrome

Need to recover a target substance?

Used for metal recovery and analysis applications

Need to release an adsorbed substance?

Provides sustained release for supported fragrances and extends the life of antibacterial effects

Antibacterial support for masks
Kneading of antibacterial support silica
Recommended product: SUNSPHERE Series (Porous)