SUSTAINABILITYCommitment to natural materials

Because now is the time to think of the future
We are committed to materials that come from nature.

100% natural ingredients

The source of our silica (silicon dioxide) is naturally occurring silica sand. Sand is a naturally occurring substance. We use proprietary technologies to change the shape to spherical or scaly silica, then provide it as a product.

Silica obtained from nature is used in everyday products.

Our products have applications in various fields. In the cosmetics and medical industries, many silica products are already helping to enrich our lives.

Thinking seriously about our future

Sustainability: Think of your blue planet.

Marine plastic waste has become a global problem. Particularly problematic are microplastics, whose applications include cosmetics. Plastics disposed of into the environment flow into rivers and eventually reach the ocean. Plastics that reach the ocean further degrade with exposure to waves and ultraviolet rays, changing into microplastic beads. In recent years, these floating microplastic beads have been found in large quantities in fish and seabirds. Since marine life is a vital part of the food chain, there are concerns that microplastics may end up in our bodies as well.

Our products are made from 100% natural sand.
They are used as ingredients for cosmetics and in other applications, and after being rinsed off they settle into rivers and the ocean as sand, with minimal impact on the environment.
After returning to nature the sand can be used once again to make silica as part of a perpetual cycle. We are constantly considering the possibilities offered by this natural cycle.