Silica is used as an ingredient in various cosmetics and can impart various functions, such as optical properties, textures, and usability.
AGC Si-Tech has provided a stable source of silica to cosmetics manufacturers around the world since 1990.

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SUNSPHERE in cosmetics applications


Functions: Improved smoothness, soft focus, oil absorption
Recommended grades: SUNSPHERE H-51, L-51


Functions: Applicator performance (extensibility), increased volume
Recommended grades: SUNSPHERE H-51, NP-100


Functions: Perspiration absorption, improved smoothness, sebum adsorption
Recommended grade: SUNSPHERE H-121


Functions: Matting, increased volume
Recommended grades: SUNSPHERE H-122, NP-200


Functions: Increased SPF, improved texture
Recommended grade: SUNSPHERE H-52

Facial cleanser

Functions: Exfoliating agent
Recommended grades: SUNSPHERE D-200L, 300L

Commitment to natural materials

The source of the silica (silicon dioxide) is naturally occurring silica sand. Sand is a naturally occurring substance.
We use proprietary technologies to change the shape to spherical or scaly silica, then provide it as a product.

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