Each company of the AGC Group (collectively, "AGC") recognizes the essential importance of the proper and adequate protection of the information of individuals, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers etc., which may be available to distinguish the identities of our customers, business partners, employees and all other parties concerned with our business operations (hereinafter collectively reffered to as “Personal Information”).
Recognizing its responsibility to society, AGC hereby establishes the following basic policies (hereinafter “Policy”) to protect privacy of individuals and comply with laws and regulations enacted to protect Personal Information while conducting its business activities:

1. Handling of Personal Information
AGC will collect, use, and provide Personal Information through the fair and legal means.
Use within the Scope of Utilization Purpose
(1) At the time of collecting any Personal Information, AGC will specify the purpose and scope of its use. AGC will use such collected Personal Information strictly within its originally intended scope of use and limited usage as necessary for business operations.
Use beyond the Scope of Utilization Purpose
(2) In case of necessity in which said Personal Information must be used beyond the above-mentioned scope, AGC shall obtain an authorization from the individual to whom such Personal Information relates (hereinafter “Individual”) with regard to the planned use, except as allowed by relevant laws and regulations.
Security Measures to Protect Personal Information
(3) When handling such Personal Information, AGC will strive to develop an organizational structure that has policies and procedures in place to strictly manage the Personal Information to prevent its illegal access, loss, falsification or leakage. To ensure the appropriate handling of personal information, AGC will continue to strengthen and improve internal systems, implement the necessary secure management measures in accordance with technological standards, and perform appropriate internal audits, etc.
Third Party Provision
(4) Unless authorized by the Individual or allowed by relevant laws and regulations, AGC will not provide Personal Information to any third party. In addition, when providing such Personal Information to any third party as authorized or allowed above, AGC will conclude a contract with the third party or take any other measures that obligates the third party to be responsible for the management of the Personal Information to be provided, thereby preventing its leakage to any other party or other misuse.

2. Request for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information
AGC will promptly respond to requests from the Individual to disclose, correct, add and/or delete his or her Personal Information, to the extent required by relevant laws and regulations.

3. Compliance with Laws on the Protection of Personal Information
AGC will comply with relevant laws and regulations with regard to the protection of Personal Information, and also constantly review its implementation of the Policy, and strive to make further improvements.

4. Policy Awareness
AGC will completely inform of this Policy to all of its directors, offices and employees (including commissioned and dispatched personnel) as well as other concerned parties, to ensure that each of them understands the importance of the Policy and conduct him or herself in an appropriate manner to follow the Policy.

May 25th, 2018