SUNSPERA is a new microspherical product created for a catalyst support application based on know-how developed in relation to M.S.GEL and SUNSPHERE products.

Polymerized polyethylene

※In Preparation


Pore properties, shapes, and particle size distribution can be adjusted depending on the application. (The properties of silica gel have a major impact on the polymerization process and polymer properties.) The DM grade is a spherical porous support with a narrow distribution of particles, so synthesis can be conducted with superior morphology.


  • Support for metallocene catalysts
  • Support for Phillips catalysts


Catalyst support for polyolefin manufacturing

The pores in the silica gel are uniform, allowing the synthesis of polymers with high bulk specific gravity, which contributes to greater productivity.
Because the silica gel is spherical, the resulting polymer also achieves a preferred shape.

Polymer shape

Product Lineup

SUNSPERA is available in a wide range of types, with particles in the range of 3–20 μm for slurry reactions and 30–70 μm for gas phase reactions.

Product name Particle diameter
Specific surface area
Pore volume
Pore diameter
DM-H-302 30 700 1.6 10
DM-M-302 30 500 1.8 15
DM-L-303 30 300 2.0 25
D-70-120A(LV) 70 450 1.6 15

*Only representative grades are listed. For more information, download our product catalog or contact a sales representative. We make proposals in line with the intended application.


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