SUNSPHERE, a spherical, agglomerate-free silica powder, has been used around the world for over 30 years. It is 100% natural silica, making it an environmentally friendly product.
As an amorphous silica, it has no ill effects on the human body and can be used with peace of mind.


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SUNSPHERE includes an extensive product lineup. Select a variety based on the intended application or functions required.
It is primarily used in cosmetic products, in which compounding SUNSPHERE makes it possible to improve texture and skin softness and makes cosmetics longer lasting.
It is also used in various applications outside of cosmetics, such as in fillers for industrial products such as resins and rubber and as a matting agent for paints.

Cosmetic label name Silica
Non-pharmaceutical ingredient name Silicic anhydride
CAS No. 7631-86-9
Composition 100%
ISO 16128 natural origin index 1 (100%)


Cosmetics Improved texture, skin softness, and durability
Films Anti-blocking effect
Paints Surface modification, matting
Other Catalyst support


Foundation usability, durability (cosmetics)

Adopted Product: H-51
The product was adopted for use by a customer with no previous experience using spherical silica.
Compounding H-51 made it possible to create a texture that feels smooth when applied and hides wrinkles, blotches, and freckles with minimal shine. These qualities were rated highly by customers.

Improved sunscreen tackiness (cosmetics)

Adopted Product: H-53
H-53 was adopted for use by a customer looking for a way to reduce the tackiness of a sunscreen.
The customer had used the spherical porous silica of another company (oil absorption of approx. 100 mL/100 g) but liked the refreshing dry finish of H-53 made possible by its high oil absorption.

Loose powder, resin bead alternative (cosmetics)

Adopted Product: NP-30
NP-30 was adopted for use by a customer looking for an alternative to resin beads.
The non-porous NP-30 has a smooth and creamy texture that does not feel dry and has a natural finish, qualities which were rated highly by the customer.

Matting (paints)

Product used: H-33
H-33 efficiently exhibits matting effects through the diffused reflections produced by the irregular surface of porous silica.
The amount of additives can be reduced, and the particle diameter of 3 μm allows use with thin film materials, qualities which were highly rated by the customer.

Provides anti-blocking properties (films)

Adopted Products: NP-30, NP-100, NP-200
The product was adopted for use by a customer with no previous experience using spherical silica.
They were highly rated for preventing films from adhering to one another thanks to their shape as a spherical silica and basic role in enhancing barrier properties.

Product Lineup

Product name
Particle diameter
Specific surface area Oil absorption 
mL/100 g
ECOCERT certified
Kosher certified
H-31 3 800 150 20   check
H-32 3 700 300 10   check
H-33 3 700 400 10 check check
H-51 5 800 150 20 check check
H-52 5 700 300 10 check check
H-53 5 700 400 10 check check
H-121 12 800 150 20 check check
H-122 12 700 300 10   check
H-201 20 800 150 20   check
NP-30 4 40 30 25 check check
NP-100 10 80 35 25 check check
NP-200 20 100 40 25 check check
L-31 3 300 150 20   check
L-51 5 300 150 20 check check
D-200L 200 20 check  
D-300L 300 20 check  


  • Cardboard box 30L, 60L, 75L